Whispering Animals

What to do:

  1. Have the children sit in a circle.
  2. Give each a paper tube. Explain that you are going to play a whispering game. Talk softly into your tube.
  3. Tell one child what an animal says, “The cat says meow.” Have the child listen carefully, and then whisper through the tube to another child what the animal says.
  4. Have that child listen and then tell another child, and so forth. You will need to help the children get the idea of this. You can reinforce the concepts of soft and loud if someone forgets to whisper through their tube.


  • For younger children, the group must be small. For older children, it helps if you start with smaller groups and then gradually add children so that they eventually work with larger groups. You can put the children’s names on their tubes to use later in the day or week. You can also help the children develop humor if the sentences get garbled.