Twig Weaving

What to do:

  1. Provide each child with a Y-shaped or forked twig for a loom. You may have children try to find one that has fallen to the ground or been carefully removed from a dead tree—no branches from live trees.
  2. Have children wrap the twig with parallel rows of yarn stretching between the two branches. This will form the wrap. Do not pull too tight or the branches will break.
  3. Weave lengths of yarn (weft) with an alternating over-under, under-over movement, starting from the notch and moving to the top of the Y shape.
  4. Encourage children to push their rows fairly close together. Alternate colors. Since no two twigs will be exactly the same, the finished products will be unique.


  • Older children who are experienced weavers may enjoy weaving on a larger twig with three or more forked branches.