The Sculptors

What to do:

  1. Wherever carpenters are working on a house, you can gather odd scraps of lumber for sculpture. Ask if you can clean up the building site; the builders will probably be grateful for your help. You’ll find boxes full of small squares, triangles and odd shapes. Save big scraps to cut up later with a handsaw. Make sure no splinters or loose pieces are on wood.
  2. When you’ve collected a good assortment, let children construct sculptures by joining blocks with white glue. Sand blocks lightly if needed.
  3. Make a fairly wide, solid base to help keep their structures from toppling as it grows. Using plenty of white glue, press each block firmly in place. Hold it for a minute or two to let the glue set.
  4. Let the sculpture dry overnight.
  5. Let children paint or decorate their sculptures.