The End of the Story

What to do:

  1. Give children the end of the story sheet (next page).
  2. Show them picture number 1 and ask what is happening.
  3. Then, show them picture number 2, and ask what is happening next.
  4. Show them picture number 3. Again, get the children to talk about the picture.
  5. Ask them to draw the next picture. Ask them what will happen next in panel
  6. Give children a large piece of paper and allow them to use whatever colors they want.


  • Make up other stories about animals and draw sequenced pictures.
  • Read children a book, stop before the ending, and ask them to draw a picture of what happens next. Make up a sequence of four pictures.
  • Take out the third picture and ask children what happened in between the second and the fourth. (This is appropriate for older children; younger ones will have trouble.)