Story of Baby Bird

What to do:

Present the story to the children following the instructions
as you do so. Practice reading the story before telling it to
the children. (Pattern included)
The Story: One spring day, a mother bird and a father bird
began to build a nest. It took them a long time, because
they had to carry many pieces of string, grass and twigs
high up into the branch of a tree. When they finally
finished, it looked like this. (Fold paper in half lengthwise
and cut as shown by dotted line.)
Then the mother bird sat down on the nest and laid a
beautiful egg. The egg was shaped like this. (Unfold nest
and show egg shape.)
The egg was far down inside the nest where no one could
see it. (Fold back into nest shape again.) Now the mother
bird had to sit on the egg to keep it warm. She had to sit
there for an awfully long time, on hot days, cold days and
rainy days, so she was very glad when two little black bugs
came along to keep her company. They had nice long talks
which made the days more pleasant for her. (Make two
black dots, one on each side of the nest, near the top, one third
of the way from the end.)
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What to do: (Continued)

At last, the time came for the egg to hatch and the mother bird heard a crackling
noise. She looked down and saw that there were some cracks in the egg. The
cracks got bigger and bigger. (Cut as indicated by dotted lines.) And finally, the
egg broke in half and out came…guess what? A baby bird!(Fold top part of
egg down and fold bill up slightly.)