Spiders in a Jar

What to do:

  1. Make some small spiders using construction paper. (Sample pattern included.)
  2. Put four or five in each wide-mouthed jar. Ask the children what they think is in their jar. Ask, “Can you unscrew the lid? Oh look, I have a spider in my jar. Do you have a spider in your jar?
  3. Take one spider out of the jar. Take all the spiders out of the jar. Let’s count how many you have. Can you put the spider in your jar? Now put the other spiders in your jar. Screw the lid back on. Let’s do that again. Can you say ‘out?’ Good, take the spiders out. Can you say ‘in?’ Ready? Let’s put the spiders back in the jar. Now where are they, out of the jar or in the jar?”


  • Older children might like to see if they can drop their spiders back into the jar from a greater distance. Then they can count the number of spiders they get into the jar. You can also have both big and little spiders and help the children learn the distinction in size.