Silly Old Hat Game

What to do:

  1. Gather a bag of old hats such as discarded paper party hats. Pass the hats out to the children or let the children choose one.
  2. Encourage the children to choose a place to put the hat. “Where’s the hat?
    Where’s the hat? (child’s name), tell me where the hat is at.” (This can be chanted) “Under the chair, under the chair – that is where the hat is at.)
  3. Say, “We’re ready when our hat is on our head. We’re going to put our hats in some funny places and do some funny things.”
  • Put your hat between your knees.
  • Put your hat under your arm.
  • Put your hat over your shoes.
  • Put your hat under your chin.
  • Touch the top of your hat.
  • Sit on your hat.
  • Stand on your hat.