Milk Carton Blocks

What to do:

  1. Collect empty milk and juice cartons of various sizes.
  2. Wash and dry them completely.
  3. Cut off the pointed ends of the cartons. Each block is made of two cartons.
  4. Fill one carton with newspaper and stuff the open end of this filled carton into the open end of the second carton. You may need to crimp the open end of the stuffed carton to make it slide in easier.
  5. Tape the joined edge with duct tape. You may cover the blocks with contact paper. These are sturdy blocks that toddlers enjoy stacking and building with.


Margarine Tub Blocks

  • Collect empty plastic margarine tubs with lids. Wash and dry them and put the lids on. Toddlers love to stack these “blocks” into towers and knock them down only to build them up again.