Magnetic Mobile

What to do:

Mobiles help babies develop visual skills.

  1. Collect juice lids and refrigerator magnets.
  2. Punch a small hole in the middle of each juice lid. Punch six evenly spaced holes around the edge of a coffee lid or pie tin.
  3. Cut six pieces of string or yarn 18 inches long and thread through the holes. Make knots on top side of lids or tin (leaving 12 inches above knot for tying hanging loop).
  4. Attach juice lids to strings, making sure they are balanced. Double-knot lids in place when balanced.
  5. Attach refrigerator magnets to bottom side of juice lids with non-toxic glue.
  6. Hang the mobile 12 to 15 inches from a baby’s eyes to the right or left (not in the middle). Change it often, as babies can become bored by looking at the same objects for a long period of time.
  • Take the mobile down when babies can reach it. (When they are about 2 months old, strings on a mobile can get tangled around a baby’s throat.)