Magical Chalk Drawings

What to do:

Chalk is messy, but older children will enjoy the beautiful colors it produces and

the way it can be blended to make new colors.


…using light chalk on dark paper

…using colored chalk on light paper

…using dry chalk on wet paper

…using wet chalk on dry paper

…using tip or side of chalk

…using rough, textured paper that responds to chalk

…dipping chalk in liquid starch before marking

…soak chalk sticks in a solution of 1/3 cup of sugar mixed with 1 cup of water

for five to 10 minutes before use to get more brilliant colors

…drawing on paper wet with buttermilk or a combination of canned milk and

liquid starch to add sparkle

…drawing on sidewalk or blacktop

…drawing with pastels for older children (a cross between

crayon and chalk, but more expensive)