Letter Sound Bingo

What to do:

  1. Make “Bingo” boards with vowels, single and double, in first vertical row.Make vowels either short (È) or long (-) sounding; middle three vertical rows single consonants; and last row two consonant pairs (such as ch, sh, gh, th, ck, ph, ed, etc.).
  2. Make a list of letters and cut into squares. Mix up the squares and draw one at a time.
  3. When calling/reading the letter or letter combination, sound it out rather than saying the letter(s).
  4. Play bingo as usual – either completing a row or black-out.
  5. Have children help make the game.
  6. Use three- and four-letter combinations to increase difficulty when children are able.
  7. Make it noncompetitive if you like by changing the goal to everyone having a row filled or their boards completely filled.
  8. When done, children can eat their edible markers!