Letter Bingo

What to do:

  1. To make the bingo game cards, cut out several 4– by 6-inch rectangles. Use sturdy paper, poster board, cardboard, or wood. Cut enough rectangles to make a number of game cards.
  2. With a felt-tip marker and a ruler, divide the card into six squares. In each square, write a different lowercase letter. For younger children, use just a few of the most common letters (a, b, c, s, w, etc.). For older children, be sure to use all the letters in the alphabet and make sure each game card is different.
  3. To make the letters, take the same material as above and cut enough 2– by 2-inch squares for two sets of alphabet letters (52 squares). With a felt-tip marker, write a lowercase letter on each square. Make two squares for each letter. Cover with clear contact paper for added protection.
  4. You also will need buttons, coins, or macaroni to place on the squares when you are playing.
  5. Begin playing Letter Bingo by placing all the letters in a large bowl. Then give one game card to each child and one to yourself.
  6. Draw one letter from the bowl. Ask, “What is the letter?” If children correctly identify the letter, say, “Yes, this is the letter ‘k’ (or whichever letter you have drawn). If children are incorrect, simply say, “This is the letter ‘k’.”

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  7. Show the letter to children. Ask, “Do you have the letter ‘k’ on your card?” If so, children place a button or other marker on that square. However, if the letter is not on a child’s card, draw another from the bowl.
  8. Play along with the children by using your game card and by following the same rules. To add variety to the game, switch roles with a child and let him or her draw letters from the bowl.
  9. The game continues until someone has all the squares on his or her game card covered.