Insect Jars

What to do:

  1. Have child unscrew lid from jar.
  2. Place lid upside down on pounding board.
  3. Pound holes in the lid using a hammer and large nail with a large head.
  4. Screw lid back on jar to hold insects.
  5. Help children catch ants or insects with net. Put insects, leaves, dirt, and a small amount of moisture in the jar for the child to observe. Children may share their jars at group time, giving you time to talk about each insect, what color it is, and so forth.
  6. Let the insects go home before the children leave for the day.


  • For older children, you could put a piece of tape on the jar with the name of the insect printed on it. You may reuse the jars. Tape the child’s name to bottom.