Ice Collage

What to do:

  1. Take a nature walk with children and collect items from the park or your yard that can become a part of an ice collage. (e.g., leaves, sticks, dried flowers)
  2. Place the collection of leaves, sticks, small cones, and feathers in an aluminum pie pan.
  3. Find a piece of string or yarn that is about 8 inches long that can be used as a hanger. Lay the string in the pan, forming a loop that hangs over the edge.
  4. Fill the pan with water and freeze the collection.
  5. Take the ice collage out of the pan and hang it outside in a tree. Watch the collage slowly melt as the sun shines on the collection.
  • This is a good activity to do in the winter when you can freeze it outside, but you can do it in the fall or spring too by freezing the collage in your freezer. Toddlers will enjoy helping you put the collage together and will have dozens of questions to ask about the project.