Human Cannon Balls

What to do:

  1. Ask children if they have ever seen a human cannon ball at a circus. Explain that a human cannon ball is a person who can do special tricks. The human cannon ball curls up in a ball and is shot out of a huge cannon.
  2. Give children a make believe cannon. Have them take turns blowing their human cannon ball (ping-pong ball) out of the cannon.
  3. Using the tape measure, ask how far each ball went.


  • For younger children: Tape the tape measure to the floor.
  • Use a tape measure with big numbers marking each foot-long increment.

For older children:

  • Draw a line on the floor that the children stand behind when blowing the human cannon ball.
  • Show the children how to work in pairs, with one holding the tape measure and the other measuring to the point where the ball landed.
  • Ask the children what other things they can measure.