Flannelopes and Elephants

What to do:

This activity has children arrange pictures on flannel board in order from

smallest to largest and match with hassocks, from smallest to largest.

  1. Ask the children to arrange the elephants in order from the largest to the smallest.
  2. Then ask them to arrange the hassocks in order from the largest to the smallest.
  3. Then ask them to match the hassock to the elephant: for example, the largest elephant goes with the largest hassock.


  • Mix up the sequence and see if the kids can rearrange to get the correct sequence. Use only three elephants and hassocks for youngest children. Add more for older or more skilled children.
  • *Flannelope: Take a large manila envelope and glue flannel to the front. Insert hand into opening and use to maneuver the flannelope.
  • Flannel pieces can be stored in the flannelope when not in use.
  • *Hassock: A hassock is the round stand that elephants stand on at the circus.