Family Flag

What to do:

  1. Briefly discuss the fact that flags are symbols. What does the flag of the United States symbolize or represent? Let children examine the flag.
  2. Encourage them to make their own flag for their family. Ask what they can put on their flag that tells about themselves and family members. Family members, including pets, and things that remind them of their family could be included. What colors would tell something about their family? For example, background color could match house or some activity family enjoyed together.


  • Be sensitive to special situations, like recent deaths in the family, step-families, foster families and so forth. These flags may be very personal and represent the child’s views of his or her family.
  • There is no one “right” representation of family; people live in many kinds of families.
  • If this topic seems too sensitive for some children, an alternative would be to make a flag for the school or a club, etc.