Fall Activity Ideas

What to do:

  1. Make a mobile using a small branch and hang leaf shapes by string or yarn from each twig. Children can make leaves with torn paper, wadded tissue paper, or pieces of cloth.
  2. Tear pieces of colored paper or magazine pages to represent colored leaves, glue onto heavy paper or some other base, and children can make fall designs.
  3. Take a walk with the children and gather colored leaves or sort by color, shape, size. Recycle the leaves by spreading them onto flower beds or under bushes outside.
  4. Stand a cardboard toilet paper or paper towel tube on one end, and children can create colored leaf shapes with paint, paper, crayons, markers, wadded tissue paper, or other items to glue onto the tube, making an autumn tree.
  • Due to choking hazards, the next three activities are not intended for children under 3 years of age.