Coffee Filter Art

What to do:

  1. Have children recycle old, broken crayons by scraping a dull knife or popsicle stick along the crayon and catching the shavings in a foil pie pan.
  2. Place a coffee filter on several layers of newspaper.
  3. Take different colors of crayon shavings from the pie pan and arrange them on a flattened coffee filter.
  4. Place a piece of construction paper on top.
  5. Press with a warm iron. Child will get two pieces of art – a design on the white coffee filter and a print of the same design on the construction paper.
  • Teachers should supervise children using the warm iron.


  • Use colors of crayons to harmonize with holidays or seasons, such as spring green and pastels for spring; autumn oranges, reds, and browns for fall, etc.
  • Mount coffee filter on construction paper of same color as print and hang side by side. This will make interesting