Circus Sequencing Strips

What to do:

Sequencing strips help children learn about sequencing and matching. (See sample on next


  1. Leave one strip full length, and cut each succeeding strip 1 inch shorter than the previous one.
  2. Make a tracing of each strip on the 10 inch x 10 inch tag board.
  3. Color the bottom 1 inch of each strip blue.
  4. Glue a picture (e.g. clown) just above the blue portion.
  5. Add a new picture to each succeeding strip; thus the shortest strip will be all blue; the second shortest will be blue and a picture of a clown; the third will be blue, a picture of a clown and a picture of an elephant; and so on.
  6. Keep repeating the patterns of the previous strip, and add a new picture each time.
  7. The children can match the sequence of the pictures on the strips. As they work, ask questions such as: “Can you put these strips in a row?”, “Which strip has the most pictures?”, “The least?”, “Which strip is the longest?”, “The shortest?”
  8. You can use tongue depressors instead of tagboard strips.