Big Books

What to do:

  • Big book versions of familiar children’s books, or original big books written by teachers or teachers and children, are easier to read than regular-sized books.
  • Children like to use big books to play school themselves. Big books should be made sturdy enough to withstand several years of use.
  • Decide on the contents of the Big Book; it may be an original book or duplication of a commercial book.

If using a commercial book:

  1. At first, reproduce the pictures as closely as possible; using an overhead projection machine helps those whose art skills are weak.
  2. Later, rough sketches or children’s drawings can be used in place of duplications of original illustrations.
  3. Duplicate the text in neat, clear handwriting. Try to keep the same number of words per line of text that children will see in the book, but definitely match text in original to pages in big book so that children can make a oneto-one correspondence between the original and the new book.