Balancing Bears

What to do:

  • The object of this game is to see how many bears (children) can stand on different sized “balls.”
  1. Cut three circles out of the sheet, one 3 feet in diameter, one 2 feet in diameter and one 1 foot in diameter.
  2. Draw on each circle to make it look like a beach ball.
  3. Place the large 3 foot “ball” in the center of the room. Have children pretend they are the balancing bears and see how many can stand on the ball without touching the floor.
  4. Count the number of children on the ball.
  5. Continue with the medium and small “balls.”
  6. Before balancing, encourage older children to estimate how many “bears” can balance on each “ball.”
  7. Try pictures of circus horses or lions rather than balls. The different shapes might make the balancing more interesting.