Alpha-get Game

This activity teaches children to identify letters of the alphabet while playing a fun game modeled after musical chairs.

What to do:

This activity is modeled loosely after musical chairs. The object of the game is for
the group to find all the sheets of paper with a particular letter on it, e.g. “a.” Once
all the “a’s” have been found, begin again with a new letter.

  1. Write a letter on each sheet of paper. With younger children, use just two or three different letters, e.g. “a,” “b,” “c.” Make several copies of each letter.
  2. Scatter several sheets of paper with letters around a large room.
  3. Begin playing record or tape. Have children march in a small circle in the center of the room.
  4. Stop the music. Children are to find all the sheets of paper with the letter “a.”
  5. Begin again having them find a different letter